Monday, March 13, 2006

The good 'ol days

I was rooting though all my junk yesterday and found my school "journal" from when I was 14/15-ish, and attending the "cla". Practically every other page is filled with dating quizzes. (Is that what you call them?) On this page is one where you write a girl's name and a boy's name, and then randomly cross out the letters in each name and then assign them points next to "T.R.U.E. L.O.V.E." From what I see, I'm guessing that the higher the points the more likely your love will succeed. Yes. I know it makes no sense.

On the next page is a game called MASH. This game determines: who you will marry, where you'll live, your style of wedding dress, job, how many children, pets and form of transportation. Here are the results from one made for my pal R.
Husband: Tim K. (R. do you have any clue who this is??)
Dress: Leopard print
Job: Fart-mart owner (We were so mature weren't we?)
# of children: 110
Pet: A flea
Transportation: A shopping cart.

I'm thoroughly disappointed. None of those have come true! R. you better snap to it and get started on the 110 children.

Those aren't the only things in my journal, there are actual entries- like these.
Oct 14- "Today in Geometry I didn't hear anything Miss J. said. Oh well."
May 20- "Whatever- like cool."
Nov 10- "Today was a normal day. Drama was extremely boring. P.T. and R.R. were drawing stick figures, and Mr. D. kept yelling at us."

There are also sections where my school pals wrote their thoughts. R.C. - everything you wrote has to do with lemon recharge. E.P.- your entries are practically novels, and J.O.- I never knew anyone could talk about "joy" so much, and had such a passion for the "tundra." Ah... those were the days....


JO said...

Wow, the tundra. Haven't thought about the tundra, lemon recharge or Tim K (or bible quizzing, for that matter)for decades. Brings back memories of Sister Hazel, Big Bertha and Keanu, plastic uniform skirts, endless games of football and capture the flag, the constant drama of love between PT, LA and whoever else, "Special Someone, that being Biddy." Now that I've started I could go on and on. We were weird, but I think a whole load of fun.

Steph said...

Ah, high school. Who can explain why they did, said, or wrote what they did? It's good to remember the fun parts, though. :)

In other news, it will be above freezing, supposedly, so the snow shouldn't stick.

(*fingers crossed* Pleeeease make it spring!)

Em said...

Bible quizzing- that's it! We were odd creatures weren't we?

JO said...

Who was Mr. D?

Em said...

Drama! Remember? He would always cast you as the sweet tempered character, R.C. as the spoiled brat, and me- the maid. E.P. was he before your CLA time?? Rhymes with maggot. hehe...

E.A.P said...

Yes, Mr. D was before my time. Am I glad, too. He sounded really pervy, actually.

Glad to see I've stuck to my long-winded roots, too. I'm sure NO one would like THAT to change. (Sarcasm Red Alert: Levels of sarcasm detected may be unsafe.)

Miss you so much. I wish we could both look it all that memorabilia and just laugh and laugh.

JO said...

OHHH. Now I remember. Yeah. He was no good. I was thinking of Mr. K and then got confused.

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