Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh how I neglect thee.

I know, I know. When was the last time I wrote a real post? I tried to throw you off with overly cute Mini M. pictures, hoping that you would be distracted by them.

Tuesday Mini and I went in for my 31 week checkup. I even managed to keep my pee in the cup! (yes... you can clap for me) Baby is doing well, although the small stinker insists staying head up. Mini M. was breech and I was told that my choices with her were to have a version or a C-section. Thank goodness the version worked, and I didn't have to deal with the C-section. So, I'm hoping that I can avoid both this time and can convince her to flip on her own. (Technically I have a few more weeks before I really need to worry about it)

I did some research and found some techniques for encouraging the baby to flip at home. One suggested putting an ice pack, or frozen peas up near the baby's head. Supposedly the baby should move away from the cold and whalah! no more breech baby! My attempt only resulted in her punching the at the peas until I finally took them off. She's actually head-butting my lungs at the moment. So sweet. I'm very afraid. This child's sole ambition is to use my insides as a punching bag, sometimes it actually hurts. If this violent in the womb, what will she be like after she's born? Unless... "she" is really a "wee fella." Less than 2 months until we find out.


Steph said...

ooo... I'm going to look into fancy homeopathic crap to see if I can find anything entertaining enough to try. I hear there's some herb that if burned like incense near the mother's foot, causes babies to turn some crazy percent of the time. Really. I'll look into it.

Anonymous said...

What about lighting some incense and belting out, "To everything - turn, turn, turn. There is a season - turn, turn, turn." If I tried it, the baby would probably flip with Olympic speed and do a nosedive out of my bod, just to escape.

big i

E.A.P said...

Ha! I'm sure there's a joke about freesia body spray somewhere in here. I think "big i" made me think of that with all that talk of making the baby "revolt into position." And then I realized it would never work as easily with scent as with sound, but I didn't care because all I could see was H's evil face as she sprayed it on your chair and waited for you to return to your seat and smack her for it.

Miss you!

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