Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tales of furniture shopping.

Sunday night we had gone to Babies r us, to get the glider I had originally wanted, but was told that it would take 12-14 weeks to be shipped to the store. What??? Min-E will be walking by then! (OK, not quite- but you get my jist.) That night I was up for 3 hours, and during all the tossing and turning and kicking CN, I decided that in the morning I must find a glider for the nursery. So, first thing I packed up Mini M, went and bought a bagel (what better way to start off one's birthday) and began the hunt for a glider. Between reigning in the small beast from running a half mile ahead of me and the "potty breaks" every 14 minutes we had a nice time at the mall. Mini got to play with the kids, and ride on the carousal- every child's dream come true.

I had started off the day a bit p.o.'d because of the whole Babies r us taking half a life time to get the chair in, and the fact that my Mom had given me a gift card, and now I wouldn't be able to use it towards the glider. So- I decided, screw them! I'll go somewhere else. We checked 4 or 5 different stores from "The Babies Room" to "Art Van" where a scharmy salesman tried to sell me this. Eeekk! After no success, I decided to check out another Babies r turd location. I went in and talked to the furniture department head, and he told me the sales person I had talked to the night before was wrong- it takes 7-14 days to get the gliders in. Ahh... just a slight difference. To make a long story not any shorter, I put in my order, and hurrah! I now have somewhere to sit while I'm up with the baby in the night, and I got to use my gift card. Thanks again Ma!

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Steph said...

Hippity Happity, Birthday!

I hope it was a lovely day! :)

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