Friday, April 14, 2006


Wow. I've been slacking off on the whole blogging thing. Sorry! To tell you the truth, life has been quite uneventful lately. I suppose the most thrilling events would have to be:
1. We finally got a Costco membership. (Is it possible to go in there without spending at least $100???) I feel that I am a real "housewife" now that I have enough toilet paper, paper towels and dishwasher detergent to outfit a small army.
2. The weather is finally starting to behave. After spending way to much time in the house, it is quite nice to be able to take Mini M to the park.
Ok. So that's it for thrilling occurrences in the "Nighty" household. I warned you of my life's boringness.

I'm now officially 37 weeks- 4 days, and as of today have been pregnant longer than I was with Mini M. I feel that now entitles me to a "I'm 9 months pregnant, now piss off" pass. I'm not that crabby, really. In fact quite a few people have told me how well I'm behaving for someone in my "condition." (Condition meaning: crazy person who- gets 4 hours of sleep a night, pee's every 6 minutes, has no pants that fit, can't bend over and last but not least, constantly is getting Kung Fu kicked from inside by an insane 7 lb person.)

Soooo... besides all that, everything is going well. The weather is lovely, C.N.'s work is going well, and Mini M's 4th birthday is coming up. Now, if I could just evict Min-E sometime soon, things would be looking way up.


Maggie said...

Its great to know that you will be birthing a crazy ninja. She will fit right into our family.

Steph said...

I will knit the baby a tiny kung fu headband!

I'm glad to hear all is well othherwise, though. Wasn't today gorgeous?

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