Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fish and the big bad egg.

C.N.'s brother "fish" (as Mini M. calls him) is insane. In the past 2 weeks he has been to the hospital 3 times. Yes my friend you heard me right. 2 weeks ago- he ate some random candy, had an allergic reaction, was rushed to the hospital and came...oh... thisclose to almost dying. Last friday- bike riding, flipped his bike over a curb. This resulted in a concussion, sprained finger and 6 stitches on his cheek. Yesterday- ate lemon rice soup, had another allergic reaction, was rushed to the hospital and came this...................close to dying. Give us a break will you fella?? You've exceeded your yearly allowance of near death experiences.


Steph said...

Sheesh! Poor Fish. He's had so many near death experiences, St. Peter's just given him his own key for whenever he actually goes through the pearly gates.

"Welcome to heaven, my child--oh it's you again!?? Are you going to stay this time or what??"

Stay safe, Fish!

Jane said...

love the name of your post, em. it's just asking to be snapped up by fish as the name of his memoir!

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