Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tales from the toilet

We here at the Nighty household have recently been plagued by the flu. It started with our small germ infested children, was so sweetly passed to me, and I in turn graciously passed it on to C.N. It didn't seem to bother Mini M. and Sir W. that much, they would throw up a bit then seem fine. If Mini wasn't able to make it in time to the bathroom, she'd use an old wastebasket. I, on the other hand have always had a knack for becoming ragingly ill and ended up throwing up every 20 minutes from 9pm to 6am. One normally wouldn't think that was humanly possible unless you knew me. I weighed myself this morning and had lost 7 lbs, which I'm sure was just water weight, but about a crash diet. Thankfully everyone including C.N. are on the mend.

This morning Mini M. and I ventured into the land of Target to get some necessary items, when M. spotted this . "Oh Mom!" she said, "Look how pretty! This would be just perfect for me to throw up in!"


Steph said...

Oh man... I'm still laughing about Mini's comment. I needed that.

So glad your clan is feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that! Giggle giggle. It IS such a cute little wastebasket though.

I have a funny childhood memory of having to throw up in the night and wondering why there were socks in the toilet as I stumbled back to bed. Later, upon strange looks from siblings and parents, I discovered that in the dark, laundry bins with lids bear a suspicious resemblance to toilets.
Sorry fam-I'm just glad none of my clothes were in there!

I'm glad to know that you are all on the mend! The flu is not fun.


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