Thursday, August 24, 2006

dust collecting thursdays

...A new weekly addition to my blog in which I give you the slightest glimpse into my home... Things that are lurking in the corners and collecting dust this week, because I know how much you care.

A painting of Mini M's of a dragon. Very dark and mysterious, until Ef pointed out that it looks like he's playing a recorder.

...the devil made me buy them.

Not exactly collecting dust, but he is collecting something in his diapers at the moment.


Jane said...
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Jane said...
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Steph said...

Arr! The cuteness of it all! Mini's dragon inspired me to do a little painting, and I've been having fun. Thanks Min!

And Tiny is as round-headed and adorable as ever, pooping or not. I think his very image causes me to make spontaneous "awwwww!" noises.

AmberP said...

Em he is the most handsome little man!! What a cutie - I hear you on the collection in the diaper though. I think my little one may have just left me a treat:)

Em said...

Your little guy is adorable too! Our boys are pretty close in age, aren't they? W's is 5/3/06.

Rhonda said...

He is so cute!! I cant get over how much he looks like my grandson Brenden (without the red hair )

Em said...

Thanks Rhonda. :)

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