Monday, August 07, 2006

Extreme Dork Makeover

Sad story- Last Christmas (can't remember if it was Christmas Eve or day) the dad of a family we know suddenly died. In front of his wife and 6 kids. (The oldest is 12 and the youngest was only a few weeks old at the time.) So unbelievably sad. At his funeral his wife told how that morning he woke up and told her that he had dreamt that they had a beautiful house with 7 bedrooms. She pretty much told him to keep dreaming. They live in a little rundown farmhouse where all 6 kids share the same room. That afternoon he died.

Weeellll.... turns out Extreme Home Makeover is redoing their house. They've tried to keep it pretty hush hush, but we've known about it for a week or so. Today they are doing the whole "Gooooooood morning family!" routine, interviewing the fam., then sending them to a resort in Florida. Tomorrow the demo starts. We'll be up there on and off this week, so hopefully I can post some pictures of what's going on.

The show maybe slightly cheesy, but you've got to admit they help out people that really need it... More to come....


Jane said...

blaaaahh! oh, em. that story makes my day.

i know how fakey-fake E.M. can be (never mind the surgically-enhanced cast and their wretched design ideas!), but somehow i end up bursting into tears every time i watch it.

thanks for telling us about this.

Steph said...

I think about it if I'm not happy, and it makes me happy. Yes, I'm a dork as well.

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