Monday, August 21, 2006

Home from vacation, and in need of another.

Have you ever got back from vacation and thought to yourself, "Self... I need another vacation after that vacation, something preferably involving a day spa and mimosas."

We started our trip camping for 2 days at Higgins Lake. Then we drove to Traverse City, spent 2 days there, then shot over to Sleeping Bear Dunes. Then from there headed down the west coast of MI though little towns with funny names like, Empire, Honor and Onekama, ending up in Grand Haven where we spent our last night.

We got home last wednesday and I am still recovering. Don't get me wrong, parts of it was absolutely wonderful, everything I had hoped it would be... Boating. Walks on the beach watching the sunset. Ice cream, more ice cream, coffee and a liiiitle bit more ice cream. Poking around in little shops in quaint downtowns like Traverse City and Grand Haven. Standing 100 yards out into the water only up to your ankles... watching the sand slowly cover up your feet...

But... there were things that made out trip, a bit more interesting. For example: Sick children. The morning we were leaving Mini M woke up with a bit of the sniffles. Ah... a bit 'o snot never hurt anyone... we thought... The sniffles turned into a raging cold accompanied by a fever that she passed onto W. The cold turned into croup, and if that wasn't enough, both kids got pink eye- just to make life a bit more exciting. Needless to say we didn't get more than a few hours of sleep each night, with all the coughing, running noses, breathing treatments, eye drops and crying. Then, just to top it all off M. got sun poisoning. All this while camping is not fun. We were going to head home after the first couple days at Higgin's, then we figured that the kids would be sick if we were home or not, and that we might as well deal with our small invalids somewhere with nice scenery. Thankfully both M and W felt better with each day, but the whole thing left us with some Grade A blood shot eyes.

Would I do it again if I knew what was in store? hard to say. The bad parts were horrid, but the good parts...? The good parts were wonderful.


AmberP said...

I hope you don't mind, I added your blog to my favorite links!! I can't resist a blog either. You have such a beautiful family:)

Em said...

Thanks Amber!

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