Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Excuses, excuses.

Ok, been slacking off in the blog department... but I have reasons!! They may not be very good, but they're still reasons. As some of you know, this year I'm going to be doing kindergarten at home with Mini. I've been busy trying to get everything together school-wise, and been making a schedule we can stick with. I'm holding off on the calculus until next year, and this year, mainly focusing on reading. Reading and lots of art, music, and "science" experiments. Experiments like, let's see what will happen if we sit in our bed and read for 30 minutes without talking. The hypothesis being: Mom in a better mood. I've also tried to schedule as many "outings" as possible, because Mini is like me, she can't stand always being at home. We have a gym class at the YMCA, story time and mom's group that we'll be going to every week.

In other, more thrilling news, last night we ventured into the land of a certain Charles E. Cheese. We had promised Mini ages ago that next time Uncle C. (who happens to only be 2 years older than M.) spent the night we would take them. By the time we finally made it out the door to leave, both kids were twitching with excitement. C.N. and I were twitching also, thanks to the hyperactive, arguing 6 and 4 year olds, a screaching 4 month old and lack of caffine. Seeing their reactions made the whole thing much more manageable. Sir W. was thrilled also, but showed his amusement by way of his diaper.

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Steph said...

Augh! At the same time as I would have LOVED to see that, I would have been useless without the caffeine.

I'm so excited about Min starting school! I think she'll have a lot of fun.

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