Monday, September 25, 2006

hair ripping monday

The other day we played a fun game- called quiet time. The objective? Mini M going and reading on her bed for 20 minutes in hopes to avoid a "mom meltdown." Guess who won? Me. That's right internet, I sat at the kitchen table in absolute silence, drank a coffee and did a crossword puzzle. Yes... a crossword puzzle, like an old lady. Only this one was in the back of some celebrity gossip magazine, with questions like... -20 across: First name of 80lb celebrity(?) whose sunglasses are bigger than her head. Easy one: Nicole!
-51 down: This singer/celebri-"PEA" recently broke the world record for botox and collagen injections. Ooo-oo! I know! Fergie! I rock.
OK, I made up those questions, but you get my drift...

Anyway, lately I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with life 'n all and have been needing those rare few minutes of quiet. M. is a sweet little person, but at times I feel like I'm dealing with a 14 year old instead of someone who's 4. For the most part she is thoughtful and loving but sometimes after a day full of "Why do we have to go there? It's not fun. I don't wanna make my bed... I don't like school...Can I have guuuummmm? Why NOOOT?? You never let me have gum... now I'll NEVER have gum ever!" (I'm quoting her word for word) I feel like ripping out my hair. Then she'll look at me and say, "I'm tring to be good, but it's just sooo hard." How can you stay mad?

It's just a lot when I'm dealing with a mini teenager plus a baby, not much sleep, bills, trying to do school, keeping up with the house, groceries, meal planning, laundry, trying to get to the gym 3 times a week, getting the garbage out- bringing it back in, yard work, cleaning the kids, trying to feel attractive, and appreciated-just to name a couple. Let's delve more into the who appreciation thing: What makes the things listed above even harder is when it feel like no one even notices sometimes. Bloop! Baby's diapers just got changed. Bloop! New deodorant for CN, or a drawer full of clean socks, or a vacuumed floor, or empty garbage can... things that need to be done, but aren't important enough to be noticed. Somedays I have a hard time feeling motivated because there's so much. Like today, for example. I have a list of about 20 things that I need to get to, but here I am on the 'puter instead. Bless you oh internet for giving me an excuse.

I guess the main point of this excessively long post is that I need to get my butt into gear and get what I need to done. Then I need to take a break, alone. Soo... here I go... wish me luck.


Jane said...

No, the lesson is that you are amazing, but that those breaks are essential. More crossword puzzles and downtime! Little Miss M will manage. xo

Em said...

Thanks Big I.

Steph said...

Oh Em--I'm so sorry about your hair ripping day. You know, you're welcome to drop the kids off here and tool off to the bookstore or a coffeehouse. Once I have a working car, I'd love to come over and babysit if you need to get away.

xoxoxoxo F

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