Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I remember when I was little, making special "treats" for my Dad with leftovers from whatever my Mom was making. Looking back at it I feel bad for him, having to choke down a charred lump of whatever I happend to "bake" that day, with a pained smile plastered on his face. Well... now it's CN's turn. I'm my opinion you're not a true father until you've encountered something like... this.


Steph said...

Oh! It's... lovely. Hee... Actually, Mini's way ahead of us when it comes to baking things that look appetizing. I seem to remember Dad gnawing gamely away at several cardboard-like concoctions we made.

Jane said...

I remember all those burnt "pies" you concocted for poor Pa. Why does one of them stand out so clearly--? It was in a little blue pan...a berry pie? I think Dad took a picture of it. Ha! Someday you'll be telling these stories in the introduction to your cookbook. xo

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