Monday, October 30, 2006

King of Bongos

I've been slacking off on the whole blogging department. To appease you... W. playing the bongos.

Friday, October 13, 2006

They call me...

a hunting widow. I used to feel bad for those wives who hubs were crazy hunters and were left alone for weekends during bow season... Now I'm one of them. Nooooo! Anyway, C.N. is gone for the second weekend this month, and I'm trying to think of things to myself...alone. Oh wait! I almost forgot! I'm not alone. I have a insane 4 year old who barely stops talking to breathe and a teething 5 month old, with a cold. Talk about a relaxing weekend. C.N. called me on his way up and said "Make sure you find time to relax, OK?" My response was a snorting sort of chuckle. Oh yes... maybe I'll make some time to go shopping, get a coffee and get my nails done this weekend. (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

I think they need to make a Day Spa Season. All the wives will leave for a few weekends during it, making the hubs spa widowers. How 'bout that!?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

products that none can resist

I love products. For hair, makeup, nails... you name it, I love it. If only I had more money to support my "habit". Well, I found something that you don't need money for! Check out this website. Mario Badescu has some great skin care products that I think aren't that unreasonably priced. Anyway, back to money, or lack thereof. Click on the "consulting" link and fill out a questionnaire about your skin type and in a week or so you'll receive a bunch of samples in the mail. Can't beat that! They sent me 7 good sized samples specifically for my skin, that I have used every day for the past week. Hurray for free things! Sample it up!!

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