Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wallpaper.... invention straight from the devil's bowels. No. I'm really not joking. Who ever invented wallpaper should be eternally punished. Sure, at times it can look slightly nice... but the majority of the time it looks like this or this! As if punishing your eyes wasn't enough, it puts up a darn good fight if one tries to remove it. Yesterday I spent from 11am to 8pm in a desperate attempt to free my bathroom wall of the wretched stuff. As I was scraping it off the wall in 1 inch pieces, I came to the conclusion that removing wallpaper is a bit like childbirth. A year or so after the "blessed" event, you look back and think to yourself, "hmm... that was horrible." But for some reason your brain has blocked out the details as to why it was so horrible. (Which is probably a good thing childbirth-wise, or less people would be having more then one child.) The same thing goes for wallpaper removal. I am hoping my intense hatred of it diminishes over the next little while. Although I have none left in my house now, I'm sure in the houses to come I will have to face it again. Hopefully by then I will have forgotten about my aching muscles, ripped up fingernails, and my raw fingertips.


Anna said...

Hey Em. Just wanted to say that I love your new background/blog format. Glad you guys had a good Christmas too.

Jane said...

Poor Em! In spite of my pity, I was howling with laughter over the images of bad wallpaper you linked to. (Justin just came over and placed a worried hand on my shoulder.)

...Also, very jealous of that new shower.

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