Thursday, February 08, 2007

Been too long.

When I was a small beastling I love to bake. Bread especially, and I was actually quite good at it. I would go door to door in our neighborhood taking bread orders from all the nice retired people that lived near us. (We lived in Fl. on a golf course.) Since I've had M. and W. I've had a lot less time to bake bread, seeing that the whole process takes 3 or 4 hours. It had been way to long, but yesterday I made a lovely loaf of braided oatmeal honey bread. I have to say, there is nothing quite like a steaming hot piece of fresh bread dripping in butter. I know... I shouldn't have admitted the whole butter thing, but screw it! I love butter! Needless to say we already ate the whole loaf. Maybe it's good that I don't bake as much as I'd like, otherwise we at the Nighty household would be considerably rollier.


E.A.P said...

Sounds lovely. And may I just say that you look SO HOT in your profile pick. I totally have a non-sexual crush on you.

Jennie said...

Ooooo! I loved that bread. I thought you were totally amazing when you baked it for us way back in 7th grade. Ooo its good! Can I get the recipe?

Em said...

Why thank you E! Me getting a decent picture of my self is about as rare as a solar eclipse... write it down in the history books!!

That is one of my fav. bread recipes... I'll email it to you! Do you have a bread maker, or no?

JO said...

No bread maker... I do have a kitchen aid though.

Jane said...

I want that recipe, too, guackie! I remember how serious you were, carrying those loaves door to door.
I think that was around the same time that you were sewing your own clothes! Remember that sassy outfit with the zoo animal pattern?

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