Monday, February 05, 2007

Now, I am not an angry person. At all. If you know me well, you'll know that I don't have a volatile temper, or get get my kicks by being mean to other people. But... there are two things that just rub me the wrong way: When people tell me how to parent, or when people tell me how to treat my belongings.

I suppose our dog Bo would fall under both of those categories. We have an invisible fence in our yard, that stopped working a couple months ago. (We had some landscaping done and the guys snapped the wire.) Bo is a sweet calm dog, and even though he knew that he couple "escape" he would never go farther than the couple empty acres behind our house, that is until we had new neighbors move in next door. They also have a lab and the two dogs became friends. After a couple weeks, the two of them started running away together. Every time this happened our neighbor would tell us that we needed to lock up our dog because "he was an instigator and had a dominant personality, and was luring their dog away from home." So, we tried to be good neighbors and called to have our fence repaired, sucked it up and paid the ridiculous $300, hoping that would fix the problem. Unfortunately, our neighbors felt like they didn't need to restrain their dog, and continued to let him come over to our house whenever he wanted, and Bo would, like any other dog, jump through the invisible fence to go hang out with his friend. (Is it just me, or would seem more fair if the people would do something to keep their dog on their property?)

Lately we have been having some nasty cold weather, so I've been keeping Bo inside pretty much all day. The other night as I was bundling up the kids and getting them out to car, Bo slipped past me and I didn't even think twice about it. Apparently he was in desperate need of a "run." An hour later I got a call from our neighbor telling us that Bo had been at their house all night, and that if we keep letting him out he's not going to know which house he lives at. How was I supposed to respond to that? Am I supposed to never let him outside? We've had him for 4 years... he's not confused at all. Anyway, enough of the grumpy neighbors rant... feels better to get it our of my system.


E.A.P said...

Call them on this total BS. Seriously. I know you have to live next to them, but you're absolutely right. If they expect your dog to stay in backyard lockdown then their dog should play by the same rules. Period.

And you're right about your not being a grumpy person which means you have a secret weapon - the fact that when you ARE pissed, people notice and scurry away before your wrath. Use your power wisely. >;)

Steph said...

AGREED. Tell them fair is fair. And don't forget to mention that you shelled out $300 because of their little hissy fit. In your neighborhood fences aren't allowed by the township. What the heck more can you possibly do??

Also, you may want to mention all the times their piggy dog has eaten Bo's food.

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