Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nearly over the hill.

OK... I guess I'm not quite over the hill yet. Maybe just still trudging up it, with a child on each hip, a purse full of sippy cups, crackers, band aids and used Kleenexes. I knew my purse the size of Texas would come in handy someday. Hey, at least it's cute.

Back to my birthday! As a "grown up" birthdays are completely different from what they once were. As a kid we would get to pick out what ever meal and cake we wanted for our birthday dinner, and we'd get all the presents we could have ever wanted. The last few minutes before dinner who ever's birthday it was would be banished to their room, so the other siblings could decorate the kitchen with balloons and streamers. Finally the birthday person would come out of their room and promptly have to sit on a balloon. Don't ask. Our family has strange traditions. (Although I actually think I might have started that one. Thankyouverymuch.) Birthdays now, I'm not necessarily treated like royalty. I still have to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. Poopy diapers?? Yup. Still have to change them. Even though I don't have someone to make me dinner, or decorate the kitchen with streamers, I'm still reminded that I'm important. By my family who calls or emails me. By my sisters who always send me presents in the mail, or by CN who has the chef of one of my favorite restaurants make me entire carrot cake. (hello! love handles!) Or, Mini M wrapping up my own necklace and giving to me as a "present." Or, Sir W giving me an extra snotty nose to wipe... OK.. now I'm pushing it... Anyway, what I really mean to say is that I really do love my birthdays as a "grown up." Now, I'm excited to give my kids a chance to make their own fun birthday memories.

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Jane said...

Em, love the photo. The three of you are completely dwarfed by that ginormous cake! Thanks for recalling B-day traditions. I always adored the way our family handled birthdays--even including that random balloon-sitting tradition that popped up (ha ha) when i was in my teens. I think you definitely started that one! But you're right about enjoying adult b-day traditions, too. Mine usually involves a fancy restaurant!

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