Monday, March 12, 2007

When spit flies and buggers attack.

Where else would you ever find a post title like that, other than a mommy blog? Hmm... I suppose you could find it somewhere, except the thought of what the actual post would contain scares me a bit. Now. Back to buggers.

W. is finally better from his cold, except for a stubborn runny nose. He finally decided that there might be more to life than sitting in one place or screeching while flailing about on one's tummy. Sir W. can now crawl! Yes, I know he was a bit slow on the whole crawling thing, but do cut him some slack. It's not easy to move about with such deliciously rolley thighs. He hasn't completely gotten the hang of it yet, he's still quite jerky with his movements. At the moment he looks a bit like a wind-up baby. His signature move would be the basic crawl/inchworm/army crawl... very impressive.

Mini M. is doing well. A few days ago she figured she could fly and launched herself off the stairs, ending up with a twisted ankle. While she's not in too much pain, she loves to play it up with a pronounced limp, and quiet moans of pain. Our little drama queen.

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