Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Burp Day!

Mini M is now 5! I'm really having a hard time believing that she can be that old. We had the normal backyard birthday party/cook out for her, and were lucky enough to have a perfect day. Happy birthday my not-so-Mini M!

p.s. Here is my first attempt at trying to conquer fondant for her requested "present cake." (Note... I said attempt.)


Kristen said...

Wow Em! What a fantastic cake!
I've not heard of fondant before. Was it terribly fiddly to make?
The ribbons and bow look wonderful and Mini-M obviously loved it.
What a wonderful mom you are!

Steph said...

Shut it! That cake was gorgeous *and* delicious. Those were the tastiest ribbons ever. And most importantly, Min was pretty darn excited about it. She showed it to me twice before the pary. :)

GAO said...

EM!!!! Thats a beaut of cake. Way to go. Very impressive. Very special for the birthday gal too, I'm sure. You're a great mom. Give M a birthday high five from us Idaho people (which, by the way, we won't be for long). We're Seattle bound, moving in July!

Kel-Bell said...

That fondant looks awesome, lady! For real, that's so difficult to do and if this was an attempt, I'd say you're well on your way to becoming most-requested cake lady.

Em said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments! You're the best!!!

Em said...
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Em said...

Kristen- Shockingly, the fondant was not that hard to make. Here is a link to the recipe I used.

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