Monday, April 30, 2007


The start of another week. The weather has been beautiful and we have been taking full advantage of it. This past weekend we caught up on lots of work, in and out of the house.

Saturday, CN and I went out on date where we squandered ridiculous amounts of money (under $5) on a romantic dinner from the Burger King drive though. Nothing makes you feel more classy than sitting in your husband's Dodge Ram, sipping on a coke, and eating a whopper jr. uh-huh! Afterward our meal, we walked around the outdoor mall, then simultaneously began to feel slightly ill. You know you're going to copy our idea next time you go out on a date... admit it.

Sunday was another perfect day, so that afternoon we went to a local farm and let the kids check out all the baby animals. Going there always makes me laugh, because I remember the first time we took Mini M. This was her reaction. After she had calmed down. Not. Thrilled.

Luckily the picture doesn't have sound, otherwise your eardrums would have been shattered by M's piercing shrieks. Just look at that cow! Without a doubt, it has nothing but murder in it's eyes.

Thankfully, this visit was a lot less scream filled. W. had the time of his life watching the chickens, while M. was making friends with all the baby goats. Later that evening we had our weekly poker party, which is always a great time. That was our weekend. Nothing too thrilling, and that's exactly how I like it. Now, tell me about yours.

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Steph said...

Aww! Such cuteness. I'm glad Mini enjoyed her farm trip this time around, and wasn't completely freaked out by a cow. :)

My weekend? Hmm. we did right about nothing interesting. Drove back from Cinci on Saturday and did laundry all day Sunday. *Thrilling*

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