Monday, May 21, 2007

He walks!

Mini M. took her sweet time to learn how to walk. She was a very cautious baby, and figured that if she couldn't do something perfectly immediately, it wasn't worth trying. (She still is exactly like that now.) Because she didn't start walking until 15 months, I figured that we'd have a while before W. attempted it. I was wrong. The past few days he has been kamikaze baby, launching himself from any place he happens to be standing. Each day he gets better, but the poor fella has many a bump and bruise to show for his imitations of a little drunk old man trying to walk. The thought momentarily crossed my mind that maybe I should get something like this. But... I'm not sure how I feel about my baby wearing an upside down mini sumo wrester's underpants. Stylish... no?

Small man walking.

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