Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh haair no...

People have asked me numerous times, "So, has Mini ever tried to cut her own hair?" To which I would I would smugly respond, "Oh, no. Never! She's way to smart to ever do anything like that." Well. She proved me wrong. She decide that she didn't like her bangs. So, what better way to rid herself from them than cutting them off. Oh, the logic of a 5 year old.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Still adorable as ever, though! :)

xoxo Ef

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl! I can say that being totally objective.

Mair said...

so cute. once, when I was little, my older sister (only a year older) decided that my bangs needed to be trimmed, and she did something very similar looking to me! She was probably about 5 at the time.

E.A.P said...

We've all been there. Some of us were wise enough to try it one someone else, but hey.

Speaking of, remember laughing maniacally while you cut my hair short sophomore year of high school. This is kinda like that, but you made me look gooood.

Miss you. Also? I might be in town in a couple of weekends. You may have heard my brother's getting married. We should totally hang. I'll email.

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