Thursday, June 14, 2007

One summer activity that I really like is gardening. Normally each year I spend an obscene sum of money on annuals. Last year I switched it up a bit, and planted all perennials. As a result, this year I didn't have to buy a single flower for the back yard, instead I spent the time I would have been planting, enjoying my garden. Until... dundundun... a week ago. (Cue scary music, and overly dramatic writing.)

There are a few creatures that I believe would make the world a better place to live if they didn't exist. Sharks and snakes. And wolves! Can't forget about wolves. Even thinking about them makes me shiver in fear. Same goes for sharks. When boating up at the little lake near us, I always keep a sharp eye out for that notorious dorsal fin. Because, who knows! I could very well be the first human to be devoured by the very first fresh water shark known to man. It could happen!! OK, so I'm exaggerating a bit about the whole shark thing. I know there are no sharks in Lakeville. The same goes for wolves. There are none around here. So, while thought of meeting up with a shark or wolf is not pleasant for me, I can rest easy. But, the same can not be said for snakes. Knowing that there are plenty of snakes where we live terrifies me, even though the majority of the are harmless. Everything about them I find horrifying. Whether they're 2 feet or 12. Enough rambling, back to what used to be my garden of dreams.

There I was... minding my own business, getting ready to water my garden, when I saw him. Laying smack dab in the middle of my patio, surrounded by my garden. Sent straight from the gates of hell; a 3 foot garter snake. "Plants-are-OK!! No needtowaterthemtonight!! Hahahaa!" I hysterically shreaked to myself as I bounded up the stairs to the safety of my deck, twitching slightly. I conveniently forgot to water them the next day too. Two days later, I mustered my courage and watered them. Thank you very much! Yes. I know I'm brave. I figured he was just passing though, and had slithered back to hell, from whence he came. I was wrong.

Two nights ago, there he was again. I enlisted CN to catch him and release him into the meadow behind our house, but he couldn't catch him. Fool! Oh, Steve Irwin how I need you now! Mini thinks the whole thing is thrilling, and has named him Sir Hiss. (from Robin Hood) So while she happily searches for her new friend, I fearfully skulk around what used to be my personal Garden of Eden. Now destroyed by, surprise surprise... a snake.


Steph said...

Oh BOOH on Sir Hiss! If only he were never around (when you need him).

E.A.P said...

Okay, Sir Hiss? Your progeny are paragons of SWEETNESS. Seriously. Well done on the whole rearing thing.

Also, so nice to see you on Saturday. Too bad you couldn't hit up the entire wedding, but I'm still glad I got to swap a hug and some chitchat. Next time we come, we'll have to do it up right. I owe you a drink for Sir Hiss. Hugs to you and yours!

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