Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This past weekend was our 6 year anniversary. Holy guacamole! Time has flown by. CN's parents were sweet enough to take the kids Friday night and all day Saturday. We were thinking of going away for the night, but figured we would save money by staying at home. We ended up not doing anything too thrilling, but the fact that we were temporarily childless thrilled us completely. Imagine. Planning a nice dinner out, getting dressed ahead of time and upon restaurant arrival looking down at your outfit and realizing that it is still clean! Yes! No peanut butter sandwich crumbs on my shoulder. No drool/boogers/who knows what carefully wiped on the legs of my pants. Victory! Yet again, imagine: carrying only a clutch purse. Not this massive thing, that is constantly stuffed with sippy cups, crackers and diapers. All in all it was a wonderful break from everyday life, although by Saturday night I was ready to become a human napkin yet again.

Just to make me feel old, here's a picture from a photo booth from when had just started dating. (I was 16, CN was 17.) By the looks and quality of the picture, it was most likely taken sometime during the stone ages.


GAO said...

Wow! 6 years! Congrats guys! Thats really cool.

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture!!

I'm glad you guys had a good anniversary--congratulations on 6 years!

xoxo Ef

E.A.P said...

Congratulations, you crazy kids. Can't wait to see you soon!

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