Friday, July 13, 2007

See for yourself

Camping pictures. My camera was in the "shop," which made me feel handicapped. Thankfully CN's mom shared hers with me. Bless you Mother N, bless you.

Hello! Just when you all most likely had given up on me. I have returned! We went up to Traverse City for the 4th of July and had a lovely time. As usual we camped, which involved much dirt, filth and drama. Dirt and filth... really no need to explain. It comes with the camping territory. Drama? We shared 2 campsites with CN's family and his Aunt and Uncle's family. Putting our head count in at 20. Yes. 20 people on 2 sites. That's where the drama came in. It would take hours to go into details, so I'll be a kind blogger and spare you. All in all the trip was great fun. The orchards of trees were dripping with cherries. The water was turquoise blue, and I had my 3 favorite people with me. (CN, Mini and W) Couldn't ask for anything more.

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Welcome to Em's world. I am a stay at home/ work at home (when the odd job presents itself) mom. I have the privilege to spend every single day with my sweet/crazy 5 yr. old daughter, Mini M. and my little man, Baby W. who was born May 3rd. I can't forget the best part of my life- my hub. C.N., who happens to be the sweetest, funniest fella alive. We have been married almost 6 years. So that's me and my fam.