Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Welcome back!

Hello, I'm Em... nice to meet you. Since it's been forever, I thought we should get reacquainted. Things are good here, just busy. Really busy. When I signed M. up for school I didn't realize the multitude of papers and responsibilities that would come with it. I am currently in the middle of helping plan a Fall class party, selling stamps in the hallway before class, getting Mini ready to sing with her little choir and oh yes! I almost forgot, I have to bring snacks in for the class the day after tomorrow! Target snack aisle, here I come!!

Aside from M.'s school I'm also teaching a literature discussion class at a home school group day once a week. The class is for 4-6th graders and is a bunch of fun. The thing that I get a kick out of is how giggly and chatty the boys are, as opposed to the girls. Next week I might need to separate them... Today I was telling my sister how we reached a milestone in class yesterday. We went the whole class period without someone bringing up one of the Lord of the Rings movies. At always happens that whatever story/fable/or poem we are working on that day somehow always reminds someone of a part of one of the movies. I'd never thought to compare Bess from "The Highwayman" to, who is it? Boromir? (The one who gets all shot up with arrows by Orcs?) Who would have thought? Or the Elephant's Child? Yep, also comparable to Lord of the Rings. My theory? I think the funny little fellas are so proud of the fact that they saw a "scary" movie like LOTR (didn't feel like typing the whole title) that they have to constantly remind each other, and me of their infinite coolness.


Anna said...

Oh, teaching that literature class sounds fun! And this is totally random, but speaking of LOTR quotes, two girlfriends and I get together once a month (sort of an accountabilty group) and we're reading Captivating by the Eldridges and it keeps referencing movies like LOTR to make their point. It's quite for a 4th grader, but not for an author. Sigh. Ha.

Anna said...

I mean "cute" not "quite"... oops... :)

Em said...

That's funny... Yep... much for nerdie for a grownup, than a kid. :)

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