Monday, January 28, 2008

Outside my window.

Life's been crazy with all the ripping an old house apart and rebuilding it stuff, but every once and a while as I'm washing the "who knows what that crap is that on my hands...good heavens I hope that's not what I think it is..." after cleaning out the the attic- I look out the window and see this... Tends to make all this work seem more worth it.


Alllllmost dooooone....? Nope never mind.

We bought our new house the day after Christmas, and for the past month we have been working on it every night and all the weekends. This past weekend we clocked in 27 hours in three days. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Check out these before pictures, so you can fully appreciate the afters.

Thrilling, huh? Except for the fact that every single inch of wood that you see pictured (and not) needs to be painted. Ug, but well worth it. Also, I'd like to thank my wonderful husband CN. With out whom I would be destined to have kitchen that looks like this. Or this.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The weather outside is frightful...

What? Normal people don't sit in front of their fireplaces and take pictures of the fire? Really? Guess that explains a lot. :)


Me: "Hi Mini! How are you? Was school good today?"
M.: "Mom, can we have macaroni and cheese for lunch today?"
Me: "I don't know if we have any, but if we do I'll make some."
M.: (bursting into tears) "I reeeeally need macaroni and cheese Mooooom!" (cue more wailing and gnashing of teeth)
Me: "M! are you OK? That's not something you should cry about. How was school, did you have a good day?"
M.: (still crying) "Not reeeeally good."
Me: "What happened?"
M.: "Mrs. B said we have to sit still and do work and learn things now at school, and that we can't do crafts all day long."
Me: "Welcome to the real world."

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