Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cookin it up.

Lately I've been using cold pressed coconut oil a lot of my cooking and baking. I've been substituting it anytime I would normally use regular oil or butter. It may sounds odd to use it for all kinds of cooking, but it really tastes amazing. One of my favorite ways to use it to put a bit in my popcorn maker instead of butter. It smells wonderful, and surprisingly doesn't have a heavy coconut taste to it, it just makes the popcorn even crunchier and lighter. The same goes for any kind of cooking. Plus, after doing some research I found out that it actually has quite a few health benefits to it.

The other night I used with when I made chicken stir fry for cooking up the vegetables and also for the chicken. The result was super crispy but tender chicken with a great flavor, and crunchie veggies. Here are some pictures of my cooking process with the coconut oil.

If you do buy it, make sure you get organic cold pressed. It comes with a "shortening" consistency, and melts immediately when heated. I find myself opening the top and smelling it over and over. Smells so good.

Chicken breasts dipping in panko.

The oil before it melts.

Finished! You really must try it out. It's a fun way to switch up the same old boring cooking routine.


Steph said...

Cold pressed coconut oil has gone directly onto my shopping list. Thanks!

How convenient too, that it doesn't drip before it gets into the pan!

I need to get panko too. So many goodies to try... Your finished product looks amazingly delicious!

Em said...

Thanks! You'll really like it. I made popcorn with it again last night. Use a fair amnt. of the coconut oil and some salt, it makes the best popcorn EVER! Have I mentioned how yummy it smells? I have to keep reminding myself no matter how great it smells, not to eat it raw!

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